«Breast and Thyroid Elastography»


Доктор Ричард Барр
(Richard G. Barr MD)

AIM: To show the practical usage of elastography for evaluating and studying the thyroid gland and breast, and also to show the clinical criteria for diagnosing cancer.

TARGET AUDIENCE: sonographers, general practitioners, endocrinologists, mammologists, surgeons, oncologists.


1. Discuss the principles of strain and shear-wave elastography, including the latest innovations in the field of elastography.
2. Examine the how and why of performing the most informative methods of elastography
3. Discuss the use of breast elastography according to the latest US standards.
4. Discuss thyroid elastography, including the presentation of unique clinical cases.
5. Conclusions and recommendations from one of the most experienced radiology professor and director of an advanced imaging center

Breast elastography is a new sonographic imaging tool which provides additional information on breast lesions in addition to conventional ultrasonography (US) and mammography.
Thyroid elastography is a technique that provides a noninvasive evaluation of lesion stiffness by measuring the thickness of tissues.
Today, two techniques are available for clinical use: strain elastography and shear wave elastography. The latter technique is considered the method of choice for noninvasive imaging of malignant tumors.

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Dr. Barr is a Professor of Radiology at Northeast Ohio Medical University. He practices at Southwoods Imaging and Northside Medical Center in Youngstown, Ohio.  He received his BS in Chemistry at Ohio State University, a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry at Michigan State University, and his MD from Case Western Reserve University.  He completed a year internship in internal medicine at university hospitals of Cleveland and a Diagnostic Radiology residency at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation where he was chief resident.  Dr. Barr completed a cross sectional imaging fellowship at University if California at San Francisco.  Dr. Barr has published over 100 peer reviewed papers, several book chapters, and a book on Breast Elastography and a book “Elastography, a Practical Approach”.  He has presented over 300 scientific presentations and invited lectures world-wide.  He has been involved in elastography and ultrasound contrast for over 15 years presenting multiple presentations worldwide on these subjects.

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Александр Сухоручкин
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